James Ball


Father of Sarah Ball and husband of Charity Pook

James was born in Pitminster Somerset, c.1802. He married Mrs Charity Pook at St James Church, Taunton on 16th August 1824

According to the 1841 Census, James, aged 40 to the nearest 5 years, a shoemaker, was living in Pitminster, Somerset, with his wife Charity, aged 40 and children at home:

Harriet Ball aged 10

Eliza Ball aged 9

Mark Ball aged 5

Hannah Ball aged 1

Daughter Sarah Ball, aged 14, was a servant at the home of William and Ann Stephens, a Baker, in Blaydon, Pitminster.

On the marriage certificate of his daughter, Sarah, in 1849, Jamesís occupation is given as a Cordwainer (shoemaker).

According to the 1851 Census, James aged 49, a shoemaker was living in Blaydon Hill, Pitminster, with his wife, Charity aged 53., also born in Pitminster plus children:

Mark Ball aged 16 and born in Pitminster

Mary Ball aged 8 and born in Pitminster

Jamesí mother, Mary, was also present, who was a widow and pauper aged 96 born in Devon. 

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