Bernard Benson

Father of John Benson and husband of Elizabeth Walker


Bernard was born c.1806. He married Elizabeth Walker on 18th March 1837 at Whicham, Cumberland. At the time of his sonís birth in 1855, Bernard was an Iron Miner.  Their first child:

Fanny Benson baptised in Whicham on 19th March 1837, the day after her parentsí marriage

According to the 1851 Census,  Bernard was still an Iron Miner, aged 45 and his wife, Elizabeth, was aged 41.  Children present were:

Fanny Benson

James Benson aged 11 a scholar, born in Much Urswick, Lancashire

Dorothy Benson aged 8 a scholar, born in mid 1942 in born in Much Urswick, Lancashire

Nancy Benson aged 6 a scholar, Much Urswick, Lancashire

Betsy Benson aged 3 born in Much Urswick, Lancashire

Isaac Benson aged 6 months born in Much Urswick, Lancashire 

At the time of his sonís birth in 1855, Bernard was still an Iron Miner.  :

According to the 1861 Census, the family were living in Much Urswick, Lancashire.  Bernard was aged 57 and born in Colton, still an Iron Miner. Elizabeth was aged 52 and born in Wicham, Lancashire. The following children were at home, all born in Much Urswick:

James Benson                  aged 20 a farm labourer

Dorothy Benson              aged 18 a servant

Betsy Benson                  aged 11

Isaac Benson                   aged 9

John Benson   aged 6 and born on 26th February 1855

According to the 1871 Census, the family were living in Much Urswick. Bernard was aged 66 and born at Hill Top, Colton, a labourer.  He was blind at the time of the census. Elizabeth was aged 59 and born in Wickam ?, Cumberland and also a labourer.  The following children were at home:

James Benson aged 30, born in Urswick and a labourer

Isaac Benson aged 20, born in Bandrey, Lancashire and a labourer; and according to the 1891 Census he was living at 268-270 Coventry Road, Birmingham, aged 50, a Public House Manager, he was married to Harriett, aged 41, born in Much Wenlock, Shropshire. One son was at home

John Benson aged 18, a barman born in Wolverhampton

John Benson aged 16

Bernard died in Much Urswick, Cumberland on 26th March 1875 aged 70.  The informant was his son, John, also of Much Urswick.

Elizabeth appears in the 1881 Census, living in Much Urswick.  A widow aged 69, formally an Iron Minerís wife. Also present is her son, James, unmarried and aged 40, whose job was an Iron Miner.


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