Herbert Kynaston

Herbert Kynaston's taste and scholarship led to his selection as a candidate for the chair of poetry at Oxford in 1867, but he was defeated by his college contemporary, Sir Francis. Hastings Doyle. Few scholars of his age surpassed him as a composer, of Latin verse. He was the author of numerous poetical compositions in praise of Dean Colet, the founder of St. Paul's School, which were produced each year at the apposition. Among these the 'Number of the fish,' 1855, and the 'Lays of the Seven Half centuries,' written for the seventh jubilee (1859), are the. best known. To the outer world he was most familiar as a writer and translator of hymns. In the library at Paul's School are an engraved portrait of Kynaston and a marble bust by G. Halse.

Kynaston's chief works were :


1.      'Psittaco suum Χαîρє' 1840. 

2.      'Miscellaneous Poetry' 1841 (contains reminiscences of his life as a curate).

3.      'Prolusiones Literariae in D. Pauli Schola recitatae comitiis maximis,' 1841.

4.      'Terentii Adelphorum Prologus et Epilo­gus,' 1842. 

5.      'Strena Poetica,' 1849. 

6.      Com­memoration Address in praise of Dean Colet, 1852.  

7.      'O' Αριθμος τών ίχθϋων.  By the Scholae Paulinae Piscator primarius,' 1856. 

8.      'lpsum Audite.  Hymnus super funda­tione D. Pauli Scholm,' 1857. 

9.      'The Glory of Paradise. By Peter Damiani,' edited, with a translation, 1857. 

10.   'Puerorum centum  quinquaginta trium canticum centenarium Rhythmus in D. Pauli                Scholae auditorio modis admixtis recitatus,' 1858. 

11.    'Rete Cole­tinum,' 1861.  

12.    'Saturnalium lntermissio. Carmen Latinum in divi Pauli Schola reci­tatum,' 1862.  

13.    'Occasional Hymns. Original and Translated,' 1862;  2nd ser. 1864. 

14.    'The Number of the Fish. A Poem on St. Paul's School,' 1864.  

15.    'Doce, Disce aut Discede. Carmen elegiacum anniver­sarium,' 1864. 

16.    Cantica Coletina, quotidiana anniversaria centenaria,' 1867. 

Be­sides a number of minor pieces in pamphlet form, among which 'Coleti.Torquis,' 1867,  'Comitiorum Coletinorum Intermissio,' 1871, 'Missiones Coletinae,' 1873, 'Coleti Sepul­crum,' 1873, may be mentioned. 

Kynaston also wrote a long series of Latin hymns in the 'Guardian,' the last of which, entitled 'Ϊχθϋων  κατάλογος,' was recited at the 'Winter Speeches' of 1876, when Kynaston retired  from office.



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